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In Joy Meant For You

A holistic self-care retreat for women

2019 Presenters


Janelle Fettes

Nia Instructor

Image 2018-10-24 at 7.45 PM.jpeg

Laura Petracek

Facilitator; Manifestation


Marianne Lipsius

Holistic Coach of Spirit-Mind-Body 


Elizabeth Fouillard

Registered Massage Therapist


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Testimonials from 2018


"I had such a positive experience at the retreat. It was a relaxing weekend, as well as a learning experience. Great mix of presentations. The setting was beautiful and the food was fantastic. 

Overall, it was good for the soul." - Jennifer D.

"WOW........what a powerful retreat for women.  I arrived on Thursday night knowing only Rita and Taylor and left on Sunday with a group of new friends.  The weekend was one of learning and discussions, however more importantly for me one of connecting with like minded women.  Orenda Healing (Rita & Taylor) wanted to showcase the great talent in the area of women and wellness we had in the Province of Saskatchewan.  All of the speakers who contributed to the retreat were from Saskatchewan and I was in awe of what each had to offer.  I will now rethink my options when thinking I need to go elsewhere to achieve the results I received from this retreat. Thank you Rita and Taylor for a weekend of learning and fellowship." BettyLou H.


Wow!  What a great retreat!  Congratulations!  I hope you have had some recuperating time from such a production.  
Let’s first talk about the food and facility.  Hats off and a huge thank you to the kitchen staff for preparing such great food for us!  Three meals a day with various intolerances and pleasing variety is something I admire!  And snacks that were just right! And of course, the cheezies . They were so respectful of our activities while reminding us that supper was ready.  Well done!  The facility was perfect for this event!  My only issue was one instance with variable temperature in the shower water supply.  An earlier alarm prevented recurrence.  While I was sad that the Labyrinth was under snow, that’s just a Saskatchewan risk!
Thank you again for inviting me to lead the Yoga mornings and to present and provide information and the experience of reflexology to your participants!  What an ingenious idea!  I truly was jealous of each lady who blissfully passed through my chair on her way to a most restful sleep feeling pampered and proud of her own self-care!
I didn’t know what to expect and you’ve probably heard my mantra: “expectations =frustration”. I have only been to two other retreats, both hosted by the same lady.  Yours was so refreshing and really provided what I needed.  Thanks for that!  While my favourite speaker was Jodie Rollins, the best “take-away” was from YOU.   Your words and literature on self-care were just what I needed.  And even if I haven’t had the time to implement some of them, the fact that it is foremost in my mind says that it was lasting and not forgotten.  And I WILL plug away at it! 
Your beautiful Spirit shone through your entire retreat!  
Thank you again and blessings to you. -
Dawn W.

Photos From Last Year's Retreat

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