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Professional Counselling Services

*(all professional counselling exempt from all Orenda Healing affiliated promotions)* 


All professional counselling services:  As of October 1/23, fees will be $125.00 per 45-60 minute session and for $70.00 for partial sessions (30 minutes or less) no GST or PST applied

The amount of $65.00 will be due for "No Show" of scheduled appointments


Supplemental funding available for those who qualify.  Please contact Rita directly to discuss this option.


Rita is also a Service Provider with EFAP and EAP (Employment Assistance Plans).  To access these employee benefit services please contact your Supervisor or Human Resources Manager. She is also a counselor with the Saskatchewan Victims Compensation.  Please contact Victim Compensation Branch to determine if you qualify.  All counseling session options are in-person, telephone or video (Zoom).  

**For a more spiritual counseling experience, please consider a Holistic Therapy Session:                                                                                                                       

Children, Youth, & Teens

Rita has extensive experience addressing the needs of children and youth of all ages.  Her 11 years of experience as a school counsellor has offered her opportunities to help with all issues facing children, youth and teens.  

Personal Counselling

In this area, Rita will help you in all other areas that are not listed separately.  Very often people need help making a decision, problem-solving, social skill and life-skills building, anxiety/worry,  friendship skills, self-esteem building, depression, self-harm , suicide ideation, coping with trauma and helping to work through any limiting beliefs.  

Family Counselling

Family counselling addresses any issues that form barriers to healthy and happy family functioning.  In this area,  every member of the family takes part and is considered an integral factor in healing and movement toward change.

Couples Counselling

This therapeutic focus is on helping couples who are struggling with different relationship issues such as extra-marital affairs, relationship violence, communication, and the process of separation and divorce.

Grief & Bereavement Counselling

Rita will help guide the client through the stages of grief, and offer support and compassion as they work through the grieving processes to a place of acceptance and renewed strength.

Trauma Counseling

Rita has extensive experience addressing unique needs identified within the trauma experience. This support is offered in a safe, supportive and compassionate environment.

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