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Workshops & Groups

Below is a list of workshops and groups currently on offer. Please refer to the event calendar for upcoming dates, or contact me if you'd like to talk about scheduling one of these items in the near future! 

Reiki Training and Certification

Levels 1 & 11

In this two-day training, Rita who is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher, will help you come into awareness of your energy and utilize this realization to learn the ancient and relevant values, techniques, and tools of Reiki.   Manual for both levels is included-please bring a picture of someone to whom you would like to send healing energy.  Dress in comfortable clothing and wear or bring socks.

Couple's Care

In this two-day retreat, Rita will help you and your partner reconnect and find that special something that brought you together in the first place!   The topics covered in Day 1:  Divorce Predictors, Relationship Building, Effective Communication, and Listening Skills.  Day 2:  Relationship Conflict and Resolution, Rebuilding Friendship and Rebuilding Intimacy.     

Also included is a 1-hour follow-up session, after a month or 2 where Rita will help address any issues that may be interfering with your new way of interacting with each other. 

Meditation Made Easy

In this interactive one-day workshop, Rita will guide you through the various meditation methods, the science and research of meditation, and open your life experience to a calmer and more peaceful way of being.  Space is Limited!

Pendulum Class  

During this 3 hour workshop, Rita will explain, in detail, how a pendulum really works. She will help guide you to connect with your Higher Self, remove the myths and mysticism of pendulums and pendulum work, and help you gain clarity and faith in the answers you receive!  

Law of Attraction Made Easy

Many have heard of the Law of Attraction but few have been able to really implement it in their lives so as to reap the benefits and abundance from the universe. In this full-day workshop, Rita will explain the LOA and unveil 5 mind-shifts to help you to amplify your manifesting power and create the life you truly desire -- quickly and purposefully. We will also introduce and practice some of the many tools you can use to engage the Law Of Attraction.

Managing Anxiety Through Mindfulness

Coming soon in 2022!

Affirmation Meditation Group

In this group meditation, Rita will read guided mediations that she has written herself as she leads you deep into a meditative state. Research has shown meditation to be beneficial when dealing with stress, depression, sleep deprivation, anxiety, and other issues.

Sound Bowl Meditation Group

Experience the resonance of quartz crystal sound bowls as the vibrations join with the energy and vibration of your chakras.

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