Soul Realignment©

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As a CERTIFIED SOUL REALIGNMENT© PRACTITIONER, Rita will create your Soul's Profile by accessing your Akashic Records.  Soul Realignment© is an intuitive, multidimensional and powerful healing modality that helps clients unlock their Soul-level potential and clear negative karmic patterns, allowing the client to create the life of their choosing in real and practical ways that help them achieve abundance and to live within their true Divinity.


Readings/Sessions can be done through SKYPE, FaceTime, Phone call, or One-on-One.  For all sessions or readings Rita requires your permission to access your Akashic Record and you can give this by providing her with your: 


Your full current name (including middle names)

Full name at birth

Date of birth

Place of birth

Your telephone number and email address 



In this revealing, accurate and comprehensive session, Rita will provide you with information regarding your Divine Soul Blueprint, which includes where your soul originated, your Soul Profile and Soul Realignment which includes information regarding your Spirit Guides, identifies any vows or contracts, and so much more!!       


What you will receive:

  • In depth recorded report which can be sent to you via email, or recorded during one-on -one report

  • Energetic clearing in your Akashic Records.

  • Customized Homework

  • Heart-centered mentoring.

  • Follow-up call.



Not only do the Akashic Records maintain information regarding our Soul throughout all its lifetimes, it also maintains records of property.  There may be negative energies or  entities attached to a property that are influencing residents. This clearing session has been found to be extremely  useful if you are trying to sell a house or if you want to ensure your home is free of negative influence.   In order to provide a full clearing, please provide Rita with the full address or land location of the property, as well as the name of the resident(s) and pets currently in residence – not necessarily the owner of the property/home.  If the property needing to be cleared is an apartment, please make sure to include the apartment number.  Is effective for any space, personal home, car, work space, etc.



In this reading, Rita will identify the gender of each of your guides, what appearance they present as,  their specific role in on the team, name of each guide, how it is they try to get your attention, from which soul group they originated, which primary energy center guides their being ,what their vibration rate is, and whether or not they have a message for you.  



During this session, Rita will identify any chakra imbalances that may be existing within your emotional and mental energiy bodies.  In this very revealing session, Rita can determine which chakras are over or under active, and measure, in percentages, the activity levels of each chakra.  Chakra imbalances are usually caused by the choices we make that are out of alignment with our divinity.  When these imbalances are ignored, our chakras may become off-balance and manifest within our lives as body, mind or spiritual dis-ease.  By determining the imbalances within the chakras, we can determine what choices and changes you may need to make in order to bring these energy centers back into balance.



A Life Lesson Reading identifies what your primary and secondary lessons are, that were chosen by your Soul at incarnation.  By identifying the themes of these lessons, Rita can then find out the percentages of completion for each life lesson [primary or secondary], or how many lessons your Soul may have decided to experience within this lifetime.  The reading will also include information of how the lessons show up in your life and in what area of your life it is presenting.



In this reading it will be necessary  for you to set an intention (a description of the life you want to create), then you identify 1 to 4 situations you are experiencing in your life, at this time, in which you are having difficulty.  This can be anything!  Rita will then, with your permission, access your Akashic Records, investigate how many blocks and restrictions may be in place, and identify what they are.  By identifying these blocks and restrictions, you will be able to determine what choices you will need to make...what changes you may need to make in order to create the life that you want...the life you so deserve!!  



This reading is designed to offer insight and perspectives on how a relationship adds to your own experience.  We investigate, specifically, what energetic blocks and restrictions may be negatively you the in the area of relationships.  This reading can be done to bring clarity to any relationship type:  romantic, partnerships, parent/child, siblings, business partners, and close friends.  



Soul Profile -- $183.75

Spirit Guide Profile Reading--$173.25

Chakra Analysis Session--$173.25

Life Lesson Reading--$173.25

Life Situation Reading -- $173.25

Relationship Session --$183.75

Property Clearing --$157.50

Soul  Realignment© Support Packages

Package # 1 - Soul Profile  and Spirit Guide Reading--$273.00 

Package # 2 - Soul Profile, Spirit Guide Profile and Chakra Analysis--$546.00 

Package # 3 - Spirit Guide Profile Reading and  Ongoing Coaching from Spirit Guides -- 1 hour every 2 weeks for 12                                                                                                                                                              weeks (6 sessions) -- $656.25

Package # 4 - Life Lesson Reading and Chakra Analysis -- $551.25 -- 

Package # 5 - Life Situation Reading and Chakra Analysis -- $551.25 --

Package # 6 - Soul Profile, your choice of a Life Situation or Life Lesson Reading and Chakra Analysis--$546.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


All sessions by appointment only.  Readings/Sessions can be done through SKYPE, FaceTIme, Phone call, or One-on-One.    Upon receipt of payment and required information, Rita will begin your reading.  Please be aware that it may take 7 to 10 days to complete a comprehensive reading for you. 


You are encouraged to drop by the center anytime to discuss services with Rita, or contact her through email @ or (306)740-6242 .

                                        Preferred Payment options:  E-Transfer, PayPal, Cash or Credit Card. 

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