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Shine Your Chakras Workshop

Next workshop date TBD.

Please email if you would like to chat about scheduling this workshop.

Discover the elements, listen to and feel the energy, and understand how chakras influence different parts of your being!

There are seven main chakras are energy centers in our bodies and the 5 Universal Chakras outside our bodies that when aligned and balanced, help us achieve optimum health and wellness in every area of our lives!

What should I expect from this workshop?

A fun-filled, enlightening day in which you will learn all about the seven chakras and how they interact with your being!

Expect plenty of yoga, essential oils, crystal sound bowl healing, and special instruction from Rita herself!

Some details, please!

Next workshop date and time TBD.

venue to be determined

Stockholm, Saskatchewan

What should I Bring?

Yoga Mat

Refillable Water Bottle

A Light Blanket

Lunch (Coffee, tea, water, and snacks will be provided, but plan to bring or grab a quick lunch nearby!)

Your beautiful self!

To register contact Rita @ or call/text (306)740-6242


Full price $175+ gst = $183.75

($25 nonrefundable deposit due at time of registration)

e-transfer either deposit or full fee to

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