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About Orenda Healing

Rita Herperger, (she/her) R.S.W.; B.S.W. - Holistic Therapist & Owner    





  • Resident Counseling Hypnotherapist


  • Mindfulness X--Train the Trainers​



  • Level 3 Reiki Master and Teacher

  • Orientation for Mental Health Professionals

  • Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma 


  • Level 1 TEAM-CBT Certification - Achieved through training from the world-renowned Dr. David Burns, M.D. who is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of  Medicine. This training focused on a new, advanced training tool to help clients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, panic disorders, suicidal ideation, and much more!

  • Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner - Achieved training with world-renowned Andrea Hess.  This highly spiritual, incredibly accurate alternative method of healing can help address any issues you have in your life.  By accessing your Akashic Records from a place of heart-centered love and compassion, Rita can identify what blocks and restrictions are stopping you from living within your Divinity and blocking you from receiving the full force of vital force energy between you and your Creator/Source/God/Goddess.  

* * *


My Story

Classically trained as a Social Worker, I began to notice that talk therapy/counseling by itself was not effective in helping many of my clients reach the root of their issues, where true healing must begin. I started my own healing journey in the middle of my own burn-out (which I refused to acknowledge) through sessions with a world-renowned Psychic Medium.  From there I started my search for more!  I received training in YogaKids, studied card reading, started meditating, where I learned how to tap into my higher self and connect with the Universe, and I became a Counseling Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher.  I also opened myself and accepted my gift as a Psychic Medium.  This was particularly difficult--but if I am to work within Love and Light, I must then honor the most sacred aspects of myself and be authentic in my presentation of self.  All that I do is within the love and light of Divine!


These spiritual practices had a profound effect on my overall well-being and I began weaving them into my client sessions.  I learned that what I was doing was psycho-spiritual mentorship--or what I now call Holistic Therapy.


As a Holistic Therapist, I integrate psychological tools and strategies with spiritual energetic healing practices to create a personalized,  holistic approach to healing for my clients. My unwavering belief in the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit as the foundation to overall wellness, super-charges my passion to help all people to be the highest version of themselves.   


As your Holistic Therapist, I join my heart energy with yours to empower you to find the answers you need, gain a deeper and truer understanding of who you really are, kick start healing and find absolute peace on your life journey! 

I consider it an honor to collaborate with you.

                     Namaste, Rita Herperger, RSW; CH

I am honored to include clients from across Canada, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UK, Brazil, and the US among my list of clientele and look forward to including you in this list of healing!



Official Biography

Rita is a Registered Social Worker with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers who focused 12 years of her 20-year career counselling children,  youth, and their families.  She is also trained in YogaKids and has received certification in many alternative healing modalities. 


Rita is described as an empathetic, compassionate, non-judgmental, and caring woman, who has taken these qualities and expanded her knowledge to address the needs of all.  To this end, Rita has adopted a holistic approach in her practice, which helps her to help others build from a foundation of self-love; growing and experiencing life from a more positive perspective.


PROFESSIONAL  COUNSELLING: Rita uses many specialized treatment modalities such as, but not limited to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Family Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour, and Client-Centered Therapy. Due to her years as a counsellor, Rita has gained extensive skills and knowledge through the opportunity to work with all client ages, groups, and issues.   Further, she has extensive training, gained not only in her role as a  counsellor, but obtained through her personal interests and need to grow as a Social Worker.  The skills, knowledge, and practices developed through these continued education opportunities aid her in her work with almost all client issues.  


WELLNESS: The wellness practices of Orenda Healing encapsulate not only schools and businesses, but also communities and families.  Throughout her career, Rita found herself in a position to recognize the barriers for service, for all client groups, in a variety of areas, that often comes from residing in rural Saskatchewan.  Drawing from her personal experiences and professional skills,  as well as the needs identified by community members, employers and employees, Rita and her team have begun to provide opportunities for support groups, professional development, workshops, and other training. 


As a Social Worker, Rita relies on the Code of Ethics and the Social Worker's Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards to direct her practice.

Meaning of "Orenda"


 "ORENDA" is a word with roots in the Iroquois language pertaining to spirituality.  According to Iroquois belief, Orenda is a force that is present in all objects or persons, and when invoked, is the power of human will to positively change the world. It is considered to be the spiritual force by which personal accomplishment is attained.


Rita chose this as the name for her business as she believes strongly in the ability of everyone to make positive changes in their lives, to take back personal power and control, to live for their divine purpose, and to choose the path of happiness and peace.  

The energy of this positive change has nowhere to go but outward!


 About Orenda Healing's Logo


The logo was designed by Rita from an acrylic painting that she has hanging on the wall in her office.  It was painted for her by her mother, Janet Saxon, in March of 2013.  The freedom and movement that the painting exudes supports the ideals that Rita helps her clients find in their lives.  

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