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In Joy Meant For You ©  Presenters

Marianne Lipsius


Marianne Lipsius exudes an authentic enthusiasm for the love of life. By many, Marianne has been called an inspiration, a woman of great courage and strength, brave, selfless, and a compassionate, loving soul with a generous and sensitive heart.  

Marianne has pursued continuous development of her mediumistic talents, and these gifts and abilities enhance her metaphysics repertoire as a Holistic Coach of Spirit-Mind-Body.  She is a communicator, channel and healer for Spirit. Marianne is also acknowledged by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating as a Professional Certified Coach of Mind-Body-Eating; a program study which focussed on the soul, science, nutrition and eating psychology. Additionally, Marianne is a Certified Practitioner in other various healing modalities such as Advanced Integrated Energy Healing, Essence of Angels, Advanced DNA Theta Healing and as an Aura Healer.

Marianne is honoured to be a guest speaker as a Holistic Coach of Spirit-Mind-Body for Orenda Healing.

Laura Petracek

Image 2018-10-24 at 7.45 PM.jpeg

Laura Petracek comes to us as part of the Orenda Team as an experienced facilitator, storyteller, speaker of truth, and a presenter of sharing her journey. 


In her retreat presentation entitled, “What is the Story of You?”, Laura will share a vision of the lessons life has presented her, inspire you to consider your story and guide you to inspiring contemplation of your legacy. 

The youngest of six siblings growing up in Saskatchewan, Laura soon left after college to begin a new life on Vancouver Island as a mother, a wife, and a business woman with many aspirations of a balanced harmonious life, only to have that world come crashing to a halt when she became a single mom, a survivor of domestic violence, and after having a challenging cancer experience.


After 25 years, Laura has returned to Saskatchewan to educate, embrace her roots, and not only start a new chapter in her life but bring back with her the story of woman who continues to discover the questions we all ask:  Who Am I, Why Am I Here, Where Have I Been, and Where Am I Going?  Join Laura as she helps us to explore and release self-judgment and create a vision for our lives. 

Janelle Fettes


Janelle Fettes is a Joyful Movement Leader of Nia, Yoga, and Group Fitness, a body positive Dietitian, and a wellness, mindfulness, and self-love advocate. 


In a constant strive for perfection, she spent years struggling with eating, exercise, & body image disorders, and living in an extremely restrictive, rule-oriented way.  After welcoming two daughters into her life, Janelle made it her mission to be a more positive role model.  She dove into a journey of self-growth and inquiry, which she continues today, gently moving toward a life filled with ease, joy, love, trust and simplicity.


She hopes to inspire and support others in feeling more loving and gentle toward wellness, themselves, and their life path.  Her vision is for women to challenge societal pressures to look, act, and be a certain way, and instead, honor and respect their own needs and desires, uncovering their unique inner light!


You can find Janelle on Facebook at “Body Bliss – Janelle Fettes”, on Instagram @bodyblissjanellefettes

or contact her by email:

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