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located at 210 Elizabeth Street, Stockholm, Sask., Canada 

    P: (306) 740-6242       E: orenda.healing@gmail.com

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

We at Orenda Healing provide individuals, families and communities with support and guidance toward healthy healing, healthy living and renewed spiritual awareness in all areas of life.  

Our Services



Here at Orenda Healing, we offer a multitude of professional services, programs, groups, and events. These include:

Counselling: Personal, Family, Bereavement, Couples, and Children & Teen 


Namaste Yoga For Kids©

Grief / Bereavement Support Group

Affirmation Meditation Group

Shine Your Chakras© 

Meditation Made Easy Workshop©

Alternative Therapies:  Reiki,  Soul Realignment, Angel Card Reading,  Tarot Card Reading, Biofeedback  Therapy, and Access Consciousness BARS© Energy Healing

About Rita


Rita Herperger, B.S.W, R.S.W., is a registered social worker with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers, and a world-renowned alternative healer!  From 2003 - 2015, she focused her career on counselling children, youth, and their families.

Resulting from her own expanding interests, training, and spiritual growth, Orenda Healing, Professional Counselling and Wellness was founded by Rita in 2015 as a way for her to utilize her extensive skills and knowledge. She helps clients of all ages and groups address their issues and find healing and wellness within a holistic framework. 


She is proud to include clients from across Canada, South Africa, UK, Brazil, and the US among her list of clientele!

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Contact Orenda Healing at:

E-mail: orenda.healing@gmail.com

Phone: 306-740-6242

Physical Address: 210 Elizabeth Street, Stockholm, Saskatchewan   S0A 3Y0 Canada

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